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Create action content with the cutting-edge Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera, a device that promises to revolutionize your photography and videography experience. With its impressive features like 5.7K 360 Active HDR video, a 3.1″ touchscreen, and support for 4K at 60FPS, this camera offers a seamless and professional shooting experience. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this camera and provide my overall conclusion.

I was initially hesitant about the price of the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera, but after using it, I can confidently say that it is worth every penny. The user interface, particularly on Android, is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and operate the camera. One standout feature is the camera’s ability to stitch videos on the fly, eliminating the need for post-processing. This saves me a significant amount of time and enhances the overall efficiency of my workflow.

Additionally, the camera offers exciting features such as live streaming and direct publishing to Google Street View, which adds a new level of convenience and accessibility to my projects. Whether I’m capturing HDR shots or engaging in manual shooting modes, the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera delivers exceptional results with its 8K resolution capabilities. The device’s compact and lightweight design, weighing only 690g, further adds to its appeal.

create action content: Seamless User Experience

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With its integration of a touchscreen and a smart OS, the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera, also known as PilotSteady, offers a seamless user experience. Similar to using a smartphone, this camera allows you to navigate and control its features effortlessly. Whether you’re capturing photos or videos, you can enjoy the convenience and ease of use that this camera provides. With its intuitive interface, you can switch between professional HDR and time-lapse modes, as well as manually adjust settings to capture stunning 8K content. Additionally, the camera offers ample storage space of 512GB UFS 2.0 and a battery life of 3.5 hours, ensuring that you can capture your moments without any interruptions.

create action content: Revolutionizing Workflow

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Revolutionizing workflow, the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera showcases its in-camera stitching capabilities for 8K videos. Gone are the days of spending hours on post-processing; this camera seamlessly stitches your footage on the fly, saving you valuable time. Furthermore, it offers the ability to stream your content live in up to 8K resolution, making it ideal for VR live streaming. What’s more, you can easily share your content directly to platforms like Google Street View, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Facebook right from the camera itself. This camera’s streamlined workflow and connectivity options make it a valuable tool for content creators and professionals alike.

Compact and User-Friendly Design

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Standing out with its compact and user-friendly design, the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera catches attention. Weighing only 690g and comparable in size to a beer can, this camera is highly portable and easy to carry around. Its lightweight build ensures that you can take it with you on any adventure without feeling weighed down. Additionally, it features a 3.1″ touchscreen that allows for easy control of all the camera’s parameters. Say goodbye to the need for a PC or smartphone to adjust settings; with this camera, everything is at your fingertips. The design of the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera combines professionalism with convenience.

create action content: Expandability and Updates

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Based on user feedback, Labpano understands the importance of efficiency and usability, which is why they provide frequent OTA (over-the-air) updates. This means that you can expect continuous improvements and new features to enhance your experience with the camera. Whether it’s bug fixes or new functionalities, Labpano ensures that their product evolves to meet the needs of their customers. Furthermore, Labpano encourages the development of new apps for business and project requirements. This expandability allows users to tailor the camera to their specific needs and explore new possibilities.

create action content: Real-Life User Reviews

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Users have given positive feedback on the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera. One reviewer describes it as “AMAZING,” highlighting the simplicity of the interface, on-the-fly video stitching, and features like live streaming and direct publishing to Google Street View. Another reviewer mentions using the camera for Google Street View mapping and appreciates the fast and easy workflow it offers. While they acknowledge occasional issues with stitching, white balance, and exposure, they emphasize that for their purpose, the camera performs well and delivers satisfactory results. These real-life user reviews showcase the camera’s capabilities and its suitability for various applications.

create action content: Conclusion

In conclusion, the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera, also known as PilotSteady, offers a seamless user experience, revolutionizes workflow, features a compact and user-friendly design, provides expandability and updates, and has received positive feedback from users. With its advanced features like in-camera stitching, live streaming, and direct sharing to popular platforms, this camera proves to be a valuable tool for content creators, professionals, and anyone looking to capture immersive 360-degree content. Despite minor issues mentioned by some users, the overall reception of this product is positive, making it a worthy investment for those seeking a high-quality 360 action camera.




In conclusion, the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera is an outstanding product that caters to both professional and recreational photographers and videographers. Its seamless user interface, in-camera stitching capabilities, and the ability to live stream and publish directly to platforms like Google Street View make it a versatile and efficient tool. While there may be occasional challenges with adapting to dynamic surroundings, the camera’s overall performance and ease of use outweigh any minor drawbacks.

If you’re looking for a high-quality 360 action camera that delivers exceptional results and simplifies your workflow, I highly recommend considering the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera. It has certainly exceeded my expectations and has become an essential tool in my photography and videography endeavors.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera capture videos in 8K resolution?

Answer: Yes, this camera can capture both photos and videos in stunning 8K resolution, providing users with high-quality visuals.

Question: Does the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera require post-processing for video stitching?

Answer: No, this camera offers in-camera stitching of 8K videos, streamlining the workflow and eliminating the need for additional post-processing.

Question: Is the Labpano-PilotPano 360 Action Camera easy to use?

Answer: Absolutely! With its touchscreen and smart OS, this camera offers a user-friendly experience, similar to using a smartphone, making it easy to control and navigate the camera’s features.

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