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The fast 3D printing AnkerMake M5 Printer is a high-speed printer that offers upgraded features for an enhanced printing experience. With its fast mode, error detection system, and integrated die-cast aluminum alloy structure, this printer aims to provide smooth and precise prints. In this review, we will delve into the product details and share personal experiences with the AnkerMake M5.

Having used the AnkerMake M5 3D Printer, I must say that I am impressed with its performance. The upgraded 500 mm/s speed allows for faster printing without compromising the quality of the prints. The precise 0.1 mm detail ensures that every print comes out with accuracy and clarity, even at high speeds. Additionally, the error detection system with the AI camera has been a game-changer for me. It detects errors in real-time and pauses the print, saving both time and filament. The integrated die-cast aluminum alloy structure also contributes to the stability and accuracy of the prints, making it a reliable choice for beginners and experienced users alike.

fast 3d printing: Upgraded Speed for Fast Printing

fast 3d printing

Boasting an upgraded speed of 500 mm/s with the PowerBoost 2, the AnkerMake M5 3D Printer is impressive.0 technology. This enhancement increases the power release by 30% compared to previous versions, resulting in double the printing speed and acceleration without compromising print quality. To experience the new speed, all you need to do is upgrade the AnkerMake Slicer, firmware, and the AnkerMake app to the latest versions. With this impressive speed upgrade, you can complete your prints in less time, making the AnkerMake M5 a perfect choice for those who value efficiency and productivity.

fast 3d printing: Precise Detail for High-Quality Prints

fast 3d printing

With a new ultra-direct extruder and an integrated die-cast aluminum alloy structure, the AnkerMake M5 ensures precise prints with a resolution of 0.1 mm. The stability and quality of prints are never compromised, even when printing at high speeds. This attention to detail is crucial for capturing intricate designs and achieving accurate dimensions in your prints. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced 3D printing enthusiast, the AnkerMake M5’s precise detail capabilities will surely impress you.

Error Detection System for Seamless Printing

fast 3d printing

Featuring an advanced error detection system, the AnkerMake M5 calculates a printing plan and utilizes extra processing power and an integrated intelligent camera to stick to it. This system ensures that your prints match your design, saving you time and filament. Real-time notifications are provided to auto-pause prints when errors are detected, such as failing to stick to the print bed, spaghetti messes, or extruder jams. With this error detection system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your prints will be completed successfully.

Enhanced Stability with Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Structure

fast 3d printing

Built with an integrated die-cast aluminum alloy structure and a Z-axis design that increases the weight of the base, the AnkerMake M5 reduces the center of gravity of the machine. This design choice enhances printing stability, especially at fast speeds and during turbo acceleration. Additionally, the die-cast aluminum alloy structure reduces installation errors for the base, resulting in improved printer accuracy. With the AnkerMake M5’s enhanced stability, you can confidently print at high speeds without compromising the quality of your prints.

fast 3d printing: Remote Control for Convenient Printing

fast 3d printing

Providing remote control capabilities through various devices, the AnkerMake M5 is convenient to use. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can access your prints wherever you are. With the AnkerMake app, AnkerMake Slicer, and even Alexa integration, you have the flexibility to control and monitor your prints remotely. This feature allows you to stay connected to your 3D printing projects and make adjustments as needed, making the AnkerMake M5 a convenient choice for busy individuals.

fast 3d printing: Accurate Auto-Leveling for Precise Prints

Equipped with a 7×7 auto-leveling system, the AnkerMake M5 ensures accurate prints. Advanced algorithms calculate a virtual height map to get your prints started right. This auto-leveling feature eliminates the need for manual bed leveling, saving you time and ensuring that your prints adhere to the bed properly. With the AnkerMake M5’s precise auto-leveling, you can achieve consistent and accurate prints, even if you’re



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In conclusion, the AnkerMake M5 3D Printer offers impressive features that enhance the printing experience. Its upgraded speed, precise detail, error detection system, and integrated structure make it a reliable and efficient choice for both beginners and experienced users. Although there are some minor shortcomings, such as the AI error detection system needing improvement, overall, the AnkerMake M5 delivers on its promises. If you are looking for a user-friendly and high-speed 3D printer, the AnkerMake M5 is definitely worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the AnkerMake M5 easy to set up?

Answer: Yes, the M5 is easy to set up, with most users being able to assemble it in about 20 minutes. The online info and detailed videos provided by AnkerMake make the setup process straightforward.

Question: Does the M5 come with a slicer software?

Answer: Yes, the M5 comes with the AnkerMake Slicer software, which is easy to use and has presets for Anker filaments. It also allows for customization of printing parameters.

Question: Is the print quality of the M5 impressive?

Answer: Yes, users have reported being impressed with the print quality of the M5, especially considering its fast printing speed. The dimensional accuracy and level of detail are reported to be excellent.

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