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Photography green screen, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop Background is a premium quality photography backdrop that promises unparalleled chroma keying results. With its non-reflective surface and versatile features, this backdrop is ideal for portrait photos, video recording, and photoshoots. Priced at $17.98 and boasting a rating of 4.4 out of 5, this product has garnered over 2,100 reviews.

During my quest for a portable and affordable green screen solution, I came across the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop Background. I decided to construct a frame using PVC pipes and draped this backdrop over it. The result was a perfect green screen setup for my Zoom meetings and virtual backgrounds. However, I did notice that the fabric is a bit thin, which caused some opacity issues when sunlight seeped through the windows. To overcome this, I draped an additional sheet underneath, which resolved the problem.

Premium Quality Green Screen Backdrop

photography green screen

Designed with ultimate chroma green surface, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop is specially optimized to deliver unparalleled chroma keying results. Its non-reflective surface is perfect for portrait photos, photography, and making videos. The backdrop can be used on both sides and is washable, ironable, foldable, durable, and lightweight. It also offers a good vertical feeling, making it easy to store and carry. Please note that the background stand is not included in the package. To hang the backdrop, it has a 3.2-inch rod pocket in the top.

photography green screen: Convenient Wrinkle Removal

photography green screen

Specifically designed to remove wrinkles, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop comes with 4 backdrop clips. These clips provide instant holding power and a comfortable grip, matching perfectly with the greenscreen background. Simply use two clips on each side to quickly remove any wrinkles. This is a great alternative to ironing, especially if you don’t have an iron or don’t have the time to iron the backdrop. The clips offer a convenient solution to ensure a smooth and professional-looking green screen surface.

Wide Application for Various Uses

photography green screen

Perfect for a wide range of applications, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop is. It is ideal for portrait photography, television and video production, newborn photoshoots, children or product photography, and even DIY photo booths. The large size of the green background makes it suitable for shooting large scenes, allowing multiple people to take photos together. Additionally, the spacious area can accommodate a large number of photographic props, enhancing the creative possibilities for your shoots.

photography green screen: Easy Maintenance and Care

photography green screen

A breeze to clean, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop is. Simply use warm water and a gentle detergent to keep the backdrop looking like new. If necessary, you can iron the surface with a steam iron (not a dry iron) to remove any stubborn wrinkles. The backdrop is machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity. Please note that the backdrop fabric may have creases after being folded for a long time in the bag. You can easily remove these creases by ironing with a steam iron, hanging it for a while, or wiping it with a wrung wet towel.

photography green screen: High-Quality Construction and Packaging

photography green screen

Made of 100% high-quality polyester fabric, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop offers a completely seamless cloth for optimal shooting results. The backdrop comes in a 7ftx10ft size and is bundled with 4 backdrop clips for added convenience. The fabric is of premium quality, providing a vibrant and bright green screen surface. Please note that the backdrop is folded, not rolled, which may result in light creases. However, these creases do not affect the performance and can be easily addressed by following the provided tips for wrinkle removal.

photography green screen: Customer Reviews

Praised by customers for its quality, size, and convenience, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop. Some have mentioned that the fabric is a bit thin, but this can be easily resolved by draping another sheet underneath for added opacity. Others have highlighted its use in home studios and YouTube videos, emphasizing its high-quality performance. Some customers have also noted the need for a bottom bar for a tighter fit when using a backdrop stand. Overall, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop has received positive feedback for its functionality and value for money.



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Overall, the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop Background has proven to be a valuable addition to my home studio. Its bright green color and high-quality fabric have greatly enhanced the quality of my YouTube videos and audition self-tapes. While the thinness of the fabric and the absence of metal poles were minor drawbacks, they did not significantly affect the overall performance of the backdrop. In terms of size, it is quite spacious, allowing for large scene setups and accommodating multiple individuals for group photos. Despite the initial creases, they can be easily removed through ironing or hanging the backdrop for a while. If you are in need of a reliable green screen backdrop for your photography or videography needs, I would highly recommend considering the GFCC Green Screen Backdrop Background.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can I use this backdrop for video recording and photography?

Answer: Absolutely! The GFCC Green Screen Backdrop is designed for both video recording and photography. Its premium quality green surface ensures excellent chroma keying results.

Question: Is the backdrop easy to set up and maintain?

Answer: Yes, it is. The backdrop is lightweight, foldable, and comes with a 3.2-inch rod pocket for easy hanging. It is also washable and ironable, making it convenient to clean and maintain.

Question: Can this backdrop accommodate large scenes and multiple people?

Answer: Definitely! The backdrop is 7x10FT in size, making it suitable for shooting large scenes. It can also accommodate many people and allows for the placement of various photographic props around it.

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