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The Kaiess 62″ iPhone Tripod, a versatile and durable accessory, combines the functionality of a selfie stick and a phone tripod to stabilize selfies. With its break-proof design and convenient features, it promises to enhance your photography and videography experience. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the product and provide an overall conclusion.

After purchasing the Kaiess 62″ iPhone Tripod, I was impressed with its quality and performance. The tripod’s advanced material and craftsmanship make it more delicate and durable compared to other metal tripods. I particularly appreciated its ability to withstand wet conditions without the risk of rusting or breaking. This feature gave me peace of mind when using it at the beach or pool.

Another standout feature of this tripod is its extended selfie stick capability. With a maximum length of 62 inches and a 7-section telescopic tube, it provides excellent flexibility and adaptability. I found it extremely easy to adjust the tripod to my desired height, whether I needed it for capturing group photos or as a tabletop tripod.

The convenient phone holder of the Kaiess tripod is worth mentioning as well. It securely holds my phone with its two soft silicone pads, providing protection and stability. The maximum opening size of 3.6 inches accommodates larger phones, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.

The tripod’s support for all shooting angles is a major advantage. The 180° rotational tripod head and 360° adjustable phone holder allow for easy positioning and finding the perfect shooting angle. With the ability to set my phone freely at 720°, I always achieved the desired framing and composition quickly.

The 1-button quick Bluetooth remote was a game-changer for me. Its simplicity and compatibility with both Android and Apple phones made it effortless to capture selfies and videos from a distance. The working range of up to 40 feet provided ample freedom for creative shots. The remote can also be conveniently clipped onto the tripod, allowing for one-handed operation.

stabilize selfies: Break-Proof and Durable Design

stabilize selfies

Built to withstand various environments and conditions, the Kaiess 62″ iPhone Tripod ensures durability. Unlike other metal tripods, this tripod is made with advanced materials and craftsmanship, making it more delicate and durable. You can confidently use it at the beach, pool, or wet places without worrying about rusting or breaking. It offers peace of mind knowing that your tripod can handle any situation and will last for a long time.

Versatile and Extendable Selfie Stick

stabilize selfies

Not just a tripod, but also an extendable selfie stick, the Kaiess iPhone Tripod offers versatility. With a length that can be extended from 13″ to 62″, it is the longest selfie stick available for iPhones. It features a magic ring lock and a 7-section telescopic tube, allowing you to easily adjust it to your desired height in just 5 seconds. Additionally, it can be transformed into a tabletop tripod, providing even more versatility and convenience.

Secure and Convenient Phone Holder

stabilize selfies

Designed for convenience and security, the phone holder of the Kaiess tripod ensures easy usage. It features two buttons on the back that can be pressed simultaneously to open and hold your phone securely. The holder is equipped with two soft silicone pads to protect your phone from scratches and ensure a tight grip. It has a maximum opening size of 3.6″, making it compatible with larger phones. You can trust that your phone will be held securely while you capture your perfect shots.

stabilize selfies: Adjustable Shooting Angles

stabilize selfies

Offering excellent flexibility in capturing shots from different angles, the Kaiess iPhone Tripod enhances your photography experience. The tripod head can rotate 180°, allowing you to adjust the position of your phone easily. The phone holder itself can rotate 360°, providing even more freedom to find the best shooting angle quickly. With a 720° range of adjustability, you can capture your photos and videos from any perspective and always get the perfect shot.

stabilize selfies: Easy-to-Use Bluetooth Remote

stabilize selfies

Designed for simplicity and convenience, the Bluetooth remote of the Kaiess tripod provides easy control. With just one button, it is much easier to use compared to other remotes. It has a working range of up to 40 feet, allowing you to take selfies or group photos without the need to hold your phone. The remote can be easily clipped onto the tripod, ensuring that you always have it within reach. It is compatible with both Android and Apple phones, making it versatile for different devices.

Wide Applicability and Excellent Support

The Kaiess iPhone Tripod extends its usage beyond smartphones, making it versatile. It is equipped with a universal 1/4″ screw that can be connected to various cameras, action cameras, webcams, and even GoPro. This makes it ideal for group photos, vlogging, YouTube videos, FaceTime, and live streaming. Additionally, the tripod comes with a 1-year warranty period and excellent customer support. If you encounter any problems, the Kaiess team is ready to assist you within 12 hours.




In conclusion, the Kaiess 62″ iPhone Tripod exceeded my expectations with its break-proof design, extended selfie stick capability, convenient phone holder, support for all shooting angles, and user-friendly Bluetooth remote. Its wide applicability, including compatibility with various cameras and devices, makes it a versatile accessory for photography, vlogging, and live streaming.

Furthermore, the tripod’s high-quality construction and the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction, demonstrated by the 1-year warranty period, add to its value. I highly recommend the Kaiess 62″ iPhone Tripod to anyone looking to take their photography and videography to the next level.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the tripod waterproof?

Answer: Yes, the Kaiess 62″ iPhone Tripod is made with advanced materials that make it suitable for use in wet environments without worrying about rusting or breaking.

Question: Can the tripod be used as a tabletop tripod?

Answer: Yes, the extendable selfie stick feature of the tripod allows it to be adjusted to a shorter height, making it suitable for use as a tabletop tripod.

Question: Does the tripod come with a phone holder that can fit larger phones?

Answer: Yes, the phone holder on the tripod has a maximum opening size of 3.6″ and can fit larger phones. It also has two soft silicone pads to protect your phone while in use.

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