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The tripod selfie stick, the newest 62″ Phone Tripod by EUCOS, is a versatile and innovative accessory designed to enhance your photography and videography experience. With its sturdy construction, adjustable features, and convenient remote control, this tripod offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for capturing stable and professional-looking shots. In this review, we will delve into the product’s key features, explore personal experiences, and provide a final verdict on its performance.

I recently purchased the EUCOS 62″ Phone Tripod and have been thoroughly impressed with its performance. As an avid traveler and content creator, I rely on a tripod that is lightweight, easy to use, and provides stability in various shooting conditions. This tripod checks all the boxes.

The build quality of the tripod is exceptional, made with durable materials that ensure sturdiness and longevity. Setting up the tripod is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design and adjustable features. Whether I need to extend it to its full 62″ height for capturing wide-angle shots or use it as a compact selfie stick, the extension rod functions smoothly and securely.

One standout feature is the included remote control, which allows me to capture shots from a distance without the need for a timer or assistance. The Bluetooth connectivity is reliable, and the remote pairs effortlessly with my iPhone. It adds convenience and versatility to my photography sessions, especially when I want to capture group selfies or stable videos.

The tripod’s compatibility with a wide range of devices is another advantage. It comes with a universal 1/4″ screw mount, allowing me to connect cameras, action cameras, and even GoPro. The integrated Cold-Shoe expansion port is a handy addition, enabling the attachment of fill lights and microphones for professional vlogging.

Ultimate Materials and New Processes

tripod selfie stick

Standing out with its ultimate materials and new processes, the EUCOS newest 62″ Phone Tripod is impressive. This tripod is designed with a Nylon6/6 build, making it indestructible and comfortable. It combines toughness and lightweight to provide crushing resistance and anti-fracture properties. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the tripod is more lightweight, rigid, and flexible. With this tripod, you can trust that it will withstand the test of time and provide reliable support for your phone or camera.Additionally, the new processes implemented in the design of this tripod enhance its functionality. The precision-crafted extension rod effortlessly extends, allowing you to transform the tripod into a long selfie stick with a simple “Pull.” This feature makes it easy to capture shots from various angles and heights. The tripod can glide to a height of 62 inches in less than a second, providing fast and convenient extension. Overall, the ultimate materials and new processes incorporated into the EUCOS phone tripod make it a reliable and durable choice for all your photography needs.

Extremely Scalable Phone Stand Tripod

tripod selfie stick

Offering an extremely scalable phone stand tripod, the EUCOS newest 62″ Phone Tripod becomes a versatile tool for photographers and content creators. This tripod features a flexible and highly durable design, ensuring excellent clamping stability for your phone or camera. Whether you’re using it for your smartphone or a camera mount adapter, you can rely on the tripod to provide a secure and stable platform for your device.Moreover, this tripod comes with an integrated Cold-Shoe expansion port. This allows you to expand the tripod’s capabilities by adding fill light and microphone equipment for vlogging or other video recording purposes. The Cold-Shoe expansion port opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to enhance your content creation and capture high-quality audio and lighting. With its scalability and compatibility, the EUCOS phone tripod is a reliable choice for photographers and videographers looking to elevate their work.

tripod selfie stick: Easy Framing

tripod selfie stick

Designed for easy framing, the EUCOS newest 62″ Phone Tripod provides utmost convenience when setting up your shots. Its limit flange design allows for extremely easy adjustment of horizontal, 45-degree, or vertical positions. You can securely hold smartphones ranging from 2.2″ to 3.6″ in width, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.This easy framing feature is especially beneficial when capturing group selfies or stable video recordings. The tripod’s stable platform, combined with the ability to adjust the framing easily, ensures that you can achieve the desired composition effortlessly. Whether you’re capturing photos or videos, the EUCOS phone tripod makes framing your shots a breeze, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect moment.

Remote Shooting and Free Creation

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With remote shooting capabilities, the EUCOS newest 62″ Phone Tripod allows you to capture shots with ease and convenience. With the included remote control, you can take group selfies or stable video recordings without the need for timers or assistance. The remote control pairs seamlessly with your phone, providing a stable Bluetooth connection and simple setup process.Furthermore, the tripod’s design enables free creation and unique perspectives. By using the adapter mount, you can gain a new vantage point and angles when filming. Whether you’re capturing action shots, creative compositions, or unique perspectives, the EUCOS phone tripod empowers you to unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities in your photography and videography.

tripod selfie stick: Multi-Role and Wide Compatibility

tripod selfie stick

The EUCOS newest 62″ Phone Tripod serves as a multi-role tool, offering wide compatibility for various devices. It serves as both a selfie stick and a tripod, providing flexibility and convenience in different shooting scenarios. Whether you need a stable platform for your smartphone or a mounting solution for cameras, action cameras, or GoPro, this tripod has you covered.The tripod features universal 1/4″ screws on top, allowing you to connect it to most cameras and compatible devices. This wide compatibility makes it a versatile tool for photographers and content creators who use different devices for their work. With the EUCOS phone tripod, you can switch seamlessly between different shooting setups and adapt to different equipment requirements.

tripod selfie stick: Aftersales Service

Ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind, the EUCOS newest 62″ Phone Tripod comes with excellent aftersales service. The tripod provides a worry-free 24-month replacement service and lifetime friendly after-sales support. The manufacturer is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and aims to address any product defects or customer dissatisfaction promptly.If you encounter any issues with the tripod, the EUCOS team promises to provide a full refund of the purchase price. This commitment to customer service demonstrates the brand’s dedication to ensuring a positive experience for its customers. With the EUCOS phone tripod, you can trust that you’ll receive reliable support and assistance whenever needed.




In conclusion, the EUCOS 62″ Phone Tripod is a standout accessory that excels in both functionality and durability. Its lightweight design, easy adjustment, and reliable remote control make it a valuable tool for photographers and videographers on the go. While it may struggle in high wind conditions due to its lightweight nature, it more than makes up for it with its versatility and stability in most shooting situations.

I highly recommend the EUCOS 62″ Phone Tripod to anyone seeking a reliable and feature-packed tripod for their iPhone or other smartphone devices. It delivers on its promises and offers excellent value for its price. With the added bonus of a worry-free 24-month replacement service and lifetime after-sales support, EUCOS truly prioritizes customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this fantastic tripod that will elevate your photography and videography game to new heights.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the EUCOS tripod hold heavy phones securely?

Answer: he EUCOS phone tripod stand is made with Nylon6/6, making it indestructible and lightweight. It offers toughness and flexibility, providing excellent resistance to crushing and anti-fracture.

Question: Is the included remote control easy to set up and use?

Answer: his tripod effortlessly extends to a height of 62 inches with a simple pull, transforming into a long selfie stick in less than a second. It allows for easy adjustment and provides stable support for your phone.

Question: Is the EUCOS tripod suitable for travel?

Answer: he tripod offers excellent clamping stability and a highly durable design. It includes an integrated Cold-Shoe expansion port for adding fill lights and microphone equipment, making it perfect for vlogging and professional video recording.

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