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In today’s digital age, our devices are prone to accidental drops, water damage, and various environmental hazards. That’s why we have compiled a roundup of top waterproof cases that offer ultimate protection and functionality. From iPhone cases to AirPods Pro cases and even Apple Watch cases, these products ensure the safety and longevity of your devices in any situation.

The Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Pro is a reliable choice for those looking for heavy-duty protection. It offers MagSafe compatibility for charging, but may not securely hold MagSafe accessories. However, its overall durability, water resistance, and added features make it a worthwhile investment for protecting your iPhone in various conditions.

  • The Catalyst 33ft Waterproof Case provides total protection for your iPhone 12 Pro, exceeding military standards for shocks and drops up to 6.6ft (2m).
  • The case is designed with proprietary Crux accessories attachments system, allowing you to easily customize your case with compatible accessories.
  • The True Sound Acoustic Technology isolates the microphones and speakers, enhancing sound quality while still protecting your device.

  • Some users have reported that the case is not completely dustproof, despite being advertised as such.
  • The screen protector on the case is prone to scratches, which can diminish the overall appearance and functionality of the case.
  • The MagSafe compatibility of the case is not as strong as expected, with the magnet not securely holding the phone to a charging stand.

The Catalyst Waterproof Special Edition Case for AirPods Pro is a top-notch accessory that combines durability, protection, and functionality. It provides high drop protection, a waterproof IP67 rating, and an innovative design. With this case, you no longer have to worry about accidental drops, water damage, or the accumulation of lint and dust. It ensures the longevity and safety of your AirPods Pro.

  • The Catalyst Waterproof Special Edition Case provides IP67 waterproof protection, allowing you to use your AirPods Pro in various environments without worrying about water damage.
  • The one-piece foldable design of the case prevents it from opening and ensures that your AirPods Pro stay securely inside, even during drops. It offers high drop protection, meeting MIL-STD-810G standards.
  • The case is designed to keep your AirPods clean by preventing water, dust, and dirt from entering. It also reduces exposure to bacteria, minimizing the risk of ear infections. The waterproof plug at the base of the case seals out water from the charging port.

  • Some users have reported that the case collects lint and dust, which may require occasional cleaning.
  • One customer mentioned that the case feels cheaply made and did not include a clip.
  • The pricing of the case may be seen as expensive by some, considering its features and functionality.

The Catalyst Waterproof Case for the iPhone 13 Pro is a reliable and functional option. It offers impressive waterproof technology, high drop-proof protection, and convenient features like the instant mute switch and washable case back. Although there are some minor issues such as difficulty in pressing the power button and scuffing on the matte finish, the overall performance and functionality of the case outweigh these drawbacks. It is recommended for anyone looking to safeguard their iPhone 13 Pro.

  • Superior Waterproof Technology – The Catalyst 33ft Waterproof Case is designed to keep water out and can be submerged underwater up to 33ft (10m). This ensures that your iPhone 13 Pro stays protected even during activities like snorkeling, skiing, hiking, or swimming.
  • Higher Drop Proof Protection – With its high-tech design and air-cushioned engineering, this case offers drop protection up to 6.6ft (2m), which is 1.65X higher than MIL-STD-810G military standards. You can feel secure knowing that your phone is safe from accidental drops.
  • Instant Mute Switch – The case features an instant mute switch that allows you to easily mute your iPhone with a simple twist. This convenient feature ensures that you can quickly silence your device without compromising its waterproof seal.

  • Difficult Power Button – Some users have reported that the power button on the case is a bit difficult to push. While the other buttons and the dial work fine, the power button can be slightly annoying to use.
  • Scuffed Matte Finish – The matte finish on the back of the case is prone to getting scuffed, which can affect its overall appearance. If you prefer a case that maintains its aesthetic appeal for a longer time, this may be a downside.
  • Fingerprint Prone Screen Cover – The screen cover and the cover over the camera tend to accumulate fingerprints easily. This may require frequent cleaning or result in fingerprint marks on your photos if not addressed promptly.

The CATALYST Waterproof Case for Apple Watch Series SE 6/5/4 44mm is a reliable and well-designed accessory. It features superior waterproof technology, impact resistance, and full functionality. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to protect their watch in various environments. Although there have been a few reports of minor issues, the overall positive customer experiences and exceptional customer service provided by Catalyst make this product a great investment. It is highly recommended for Apple Watch users seeking to ensure the safety and longevity of their device.

  • Superior waterproof technology: The Catalyst case provides 165ft waterproof protection, double the IP68 score of the Apple Watch. You can confidently take your watch swimming, hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, camping, or diving.
  • Shockproof and rugged: The case exceeds MIL-STD 810G military standards for shocks and drops, with the ability to resist drops up to 6.6ft. It is made of impact-resistant scratch-proof rugged polycarbonate with a light silicone case.
  • Full functionality: The Catalyst case allows for full functionality of all buttons, including the rotating crown dial and tactical side button. You can charge your watch without any trouble.

  • Limited warranty: The 12-month warranty only applies to products sold by Official Catalyst. If you purchase from other sellers on Amazon, the warranty may not be valid.
  • Clasp durability: Some users have reported issues with the clasp of the watch band, with it falling off or breaking over time.
  • Reduced functionality: The case may impede certain features, such as the Blood Oxygen Sensor and ECG function.

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