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The underwater action camera AKASO EK7000 is a 4K30FPS 20MP camera that boasts an impressive range of features. With its high-resolution video capabilities, waterproof design, and wireless remote control, it offers a promising option for capturing your adventures. In this review, we will delve into the product details and explore both the positive and negative aspects of the AKASO EK7000.

During my time with the AKASO EK7000, I found it to be a decent replacement for my old GoPro. The camera’s functionality and overall quality were satisfactory, and I appreciated the inclusion of two batteries with a decent lifespan. The camera’s straightforward interface and ability to record for extended periods made it convenient to use. Additionally, the built-in screen for previewing footage proved to be a useful feature.

However, I did encounter a few issues that dampened my experience. The camera seemed to be picky when it came to inserting the SD card, with random “Card Error” messages appearing. It was frustrating not knowing the exact cause of this issue, even after testing multiple SD cards. Another drawback was the inability to preview recorded footage on the camera itself once it was turned off. This meant having to transfer the files to a computer to view them, which was inconvenient. Additionally, attempting to record while charging the camera proved to be problematic, often resulting in a restart and the appearance of the Card Error message.

underwater action camera: Product Features

underwater action camera

Packed with impressive features, the AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS 20MP Action Camera stands out. It offers professional-grade 4K 30fps video and 20MP photos, providing incredible resolution that is four times better than traditional HD cameras. With its wireless wrist remote control, you can capture stunning footage in a whole new way. The camera also comes with two rechargeable batteries, each lasting up to 90 minutes, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Additionally, it has built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI, allowing you to easily edit and share your action-packed videos. With its 98 feet waterproof capability and durable waterproof case, this camera is designed to withstand extreme environments, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

User Reviews – Picky, Decent, and Card Error

underwater action camera

A decent replacement for their GoPro, some users have found the AKASO EK7000 camera to have good battery life and include all necessary accessories. However, there have been reports of the camera being picky with SD cards, resulting in frequent Card Error messages. This issue seems to occur randomly, making it frustrating for users. Another downside is that if the camera is turned off, you cannot preview the footage again without transferring it to a computer. Additionally, recording while charging can be problematic, as the camera may restart itself and display the Card Error message. Despite these issues, the camera can still be a suitable option for those in need of an action camera.

User Reviews – EK7000 – Small camera with plenty of options.

underwater action camera

Lightweight and easy to use, the AKASO EK7000 camera has garnered positive experiences from users. It offers common features found in most cameras and delivers good results. While some users have had to refer to the online manual for certain functions, they believe that with more usage, the need for the manual will decrease. One drawback mentioned by users is that the camera does not come with an SD card, which is essential for its use. However, they are generally satisfied with the camera’s performance and look forward to using it for underwater activities.

User Reviews – See it, you’ll be a believer.

underwater action camera

Considering its price point, users have been astonished by the performance of the AKASO EK7000 camera. They have found it to be highly capable, delivering impressive results. While it may not be pushed to extreme limits like skydiving or scuba diving, it has proven to be excellent for capturing dog obedience training sessions. Users appreciate the camera’s video quality, battery life, and the various attachment options included in the package. The only minor issues reported include audio pickup difficulty and the camera forgetting the date and time when changing batteries. Overall, users highly recommend the AKASO EK7000 camera to others.


underwater action camera

Great build quality and compact size are among the reasons users have praised the AKASO EK7000 camera. It comes with two 1050mAh batteries, providing excellent battery backup. The camera can record videos up to 4K at 25fps, and it also offers the capability to record 1080p videos at 60fps, which is a rare feature in this price range. Users appreciate that it includes a waterproof case and various accessories, eliminating the need for additional purchases. The only drawback mentioned is the display quality, which is good when directly in front but not as visible at different angles. Despite this, users find the camera to be a great value for its price.

User Reviews – Good quality videos for the price. But the accessories are worthless.

Especially considering its price, users have found the video quality of the AKASO EK7000 camera to be impressive. They appreciate the ability to control the camera via Wi-Fi direct on their smartphones, as well as the portable remote. The camera is compatible with standard GoPro accessories, providing versatility in mounting options. However, users have expressed concerns about the camera’s build quality, as it is not very durable and tends to heat up after prolonged use. Some users have also experienced rusting of the metal parts when exposed to water and brittleness of the plastic parts when exposed to heat. Additionally, the software has been reported to be somewhat unstable, leading to random restarts. While the camera itself delivers good quality videos, users have found the included accessories to be of low quality and not worth using.



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Overall, the AKASO EK7000 is a decent action camera that offers good functionality and video quality for its price. However, the recurring Card Error issue and the inability to preview footage on the camera itself were significant drawbacks. If you are in need of an affordable action camera and have spare micro SD cards, this may be a suitable option. However, be aware of the potential issues and consider them before making a purchase.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the battery life sufficient for long recordings?

Answer: Yes, with two rechargeable batteries, each lasting up to 90 minutes, it provides ample recording time.

Question: Can I use any SD card with this camera?

Answer: The camera may be picky with SD card input, causing random Card Error messages. It’s recommended to use compatible SD cards.

Question: Can I preview footage on the camera itself?

Answer: While you can preview footage on the camera, once it is turned off, you won’t be able to see it again. Transferring it to a computer is required to view it.

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